We have an award-winning idea! LabShare claims top prize at the MVM Edison startup competition

A milestone in the history of LabShare, our company was picked as a winner out of more than 260 startups who presented their ideas regarding a sustainable future.

LabShare emerged as the category winner in a recent competition by the energy giant MVM Group and their incubator house Smart Future Lab, where more than 260 startups and innovative ideas competed for the attention of investors.

The yearly competition, where innovators pitch their environment-friendly, sustainable ideas to the jury, has taken place for the 5th time this year and saw a record number of applicants submit their concepts.

LabShare made it all the way to the finale that took place on the 27th May and saw each of the 8 finalists present their ideas. Our innovative B2B platform competed in the ScaleUp category, where already thriving businesses had a chance to introduce themselves to a wider audience.

In their so-called “elevator pitch”, the LabShare team, including Levente Bakos, David Gyenes and Agoston Loth explained the concept and the values that the company stands for.

The competition was then concluded by the jury announcing the winner for both categories: while three winners were chosen in the Startup category, the ScaleUp category saw LabShare, a single applicant claim the prize that came with a seed capital investment of 14.366 EUR.

Needless to say, LabShare’s team was thrilled to have taken part in this renowned competition, to have won the prize and most importantly, for the jury to recognize the potential that our innovation can bring to the world of testing.