Is Your Business Sustainable Enough?

Companies today are under enormous pressure to employ sustainable, green solutions, recognizing that this is the only possible path forward. A significant part of this approach is to eliminate waste and overconsumption. The concept of sharing economy now permeates every field of life, from hardware testing to industrial production.

Sustainability, recycling, and the sharing of resources have also become buzzwords in the world of IT. An aspect of this is the effort companies make to support the re-use of devices.

Take Summit 360, a US-based company that offers information technology asset disposition (ITAD) services. Summit 360 was the first in the world this August to obtain the third version of the so-called Reuse & Recycling (R2) Standard, a comprehensive, voluntary industry standard for hardware recyclers and resellers.

Why is such a standard required? Obtaining industrial certifications can convey a high level of professionalism and increase trust. According to the issuer Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI), the new certification builds on nearly a decade of experience with its predecessor. It also reflects the changes that have taken place, both in customer needs and the legal environment. Thus, the standard now does even more to protect data, people, and the planet.

Such an example shows, recycling, re-use, and the environmentally conscious management of resources is now an integral part of sustainable digitalization. These efforts help us develop a global approach to waste reduction.

But resources include more than objects and materials: sustainability demands a fair use of capacity as well. This is where LabShare's platform can connect hardware developers and innovators worldwide with testing laboratories to test their products. Supply and demand find each other by utilizing the unused capacity of laboratories. At the same time, companies can spare the financial and environmental costs by finding the closest available lab for their specific requirements.

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