How could testing via LabShare make a difference for startups? A case study of the Skart e-motorbike

Having the right tests completed and the right certifications issued can seriously make or break your business. Here, we present the case of Hungarian e-motorbike producer Skart, a company for which the help of LabShare could be key to acknowledgement and success.

The concept of Skart was developed in 2016, when founder Balazs Frohlich came up with the idea to design and produce unique eBikes. Combining design and function, these bikes are made of custom-made parts and some rare materials such as wood or composite concrete.

“Our goal is to design motorbikes that actually look like e-vehicles, and this is represented both by the design and the choice of materials. Instead of revamping the current design, we aim to build something entirely novel and original” - says Balazs, whose eBikes are still not allowed to hit the road, because their prototype is not yet validated.

Skart, however, has not gone unnoticed by investors: they participated in a number of exhibitions, won a well-renowned prize at the MVM Edison start-up competition, and were repeatedly invited to the Hungarian version of the Shark Tank TV-show.

“They contacted me every season, and last year, I eventually decided to try my luck. We were chosen to be featured on the program after a multiple round selection process, so I definitely expected the “sharks” to be a little more supportive” - the young entrepreneur recalls.

In spite of inviting Balazs on the show to represent Skart, the jury criticized his product for not being certified - a procedure that the designer could have only afforded if he already had at least 15 pre-buyers for his eBike.

“In America, this process could have been completed within a week. It’s only in Europe that they make our lives difficult with all these regulations”, Balazs adds. But since he lacks both the knowledge and the funds to arrange the necessary tests, Skart’s e-bikes have yet to hit the market.

How could LabShare help companies like Skart?

LabShare’s one-stop-shop solution is ideal for startups like Skart, who need to outsource certain tests in order to validate a prototype.

“There are plenty of hardware developer startups with lucrative ideas who are simply not well-versed regarding TIC segment connections in the testing industry. Understandably, it’s not their field of expertise. In such cases, LabShare can help to define the exact tests required, advising on the cheapest and most efficient options, and overseeing the entire process”, says David Gyenes, LabShare’s business development manager.

In Skart’s case, compulsory tests include EMC as well as the tests of protection relay, brakes, and maneuverability. The majority of these procedures are not tied to a specific location, and there is a wide range of testing facilities available to choose from based on individual preferences in distance, price and equipment.

“LabShare can help Balazs break down the entire testing, inspection and certification process into smaller units. This way, the validation process requires less of a one-time investment and becomes more affordable to him”, Gyenes adds.

Currently, Balazs is in talks with LabShare regarding the tests, and once they are completed, he may well be on the path to see his self-designed eBikes hit the road.

“Had I already completed the tests by the time Skart was featured on Shark Tank, I would have given way less ammunition for the judges and could have come across more convincingly to investors”, he concludes.