LabShare: a new platform that changes the testing industry

In today’s inter-firm economic platforms, companies are increasingly willing to outsource certain tasks and share resources with one another.

But how exactly does LabShare support companies in finding the perfect testing laboratory?

It has been a recurrent complaint of engineering centers that the obligatory tests suffer delays due to the unavailability or the scarce capacity of testing labs, thus delaying the overall process of production.

In many cases, it is difficult for manufacturers to find a laboratory that provides the full scope of necessary tests within the given timeframe.

This can be a nerve-wrecking process, especially with a strict deadline. Testing labs are often booked out, run at full capacity or do not offer the type of environmental testing or validation tests that a certain product requires.

In the long term, companies often resort to developing their own testing capacity. This draws away financial and human resources and takes an extra toll on the environment.

At LabShare, however, we use our own platform to connect automotive, rail, aerospace and electronics manufacturing companies with labs that perform all the required tests for production.

Not unlike for the testing industry, our online platform allows companies to browse and choose between laboratories based on price, availability and capacity.

This provides a previously unmatched, clearly structured and transparent overview of testing opportunities. Finding the perfect testing lab becomes a fast, easy and effortless process.

Environmental awareness is also an important aspect: if we harmonize our needs, no unused capacities will remain, while the existing ones will be fully exploited. Such cooperation can successfully reduce our ecological footprint and make the testing industry carbon neutral in the long run.

LabShare therefore provides a green, sustainable and economical choice, keeping your cost to the minimum while optimizing your productivity.