The Urban Future Lab and Innovative UK collaborate to help green UK technologies find a foothold in the US

Starting from January, the Urban Future Lab at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering enters a collaboration with Innovate UK’s Global Incubator Programme(GIP), introducing innovative clean tech companies to the US market.

In the scope of the program, eight UK businesses will have the opportunity to present their products to the market overseas in the field of electric mobility, distributed energy, and technologies addressing the effects of global warming.

These include AITL Ltd, a company that employs algorithmic solutions to analyze carbon flows, unlocking low-carbon commercial innovation for corporations, energy suppliers, and others. Another one, C-Probe Systems Ltd provides low-carbon smart technology products and services for the sustainable resilience of reinforced concrete and masonry structures.

The third selected company, Crop Intellect Ltd reduces the environmental burden of agricultural inputs with the use of disruptive technologies based on plant-derived chemicals which may also improve yield and the quality of the produce, while the fourth candidate is CYCL, whose focus is optimizing the performance of two-wheel electric vehicles for commercial use.

A virtual power plant technology company, Levels Ltd is also on the team to facilitate residential energy management and utility savings. By installing state-of-the-art li-ion storage systems on properties with solar photovoltaics and smart appliances, they generate new revenue streams for home owners.

Powerline Technologies Ltd, another UK start-up markets smart grid solutions to Electricity Networks Operators (DNO), and has expertise in machine and deep learning in power engineering applications.

Another UK company, Senergy Innovations Ltd pioneers advanced polymer solar thermal panels that can be mass manufactured and installed at a 50% lower cost than existing ones. Finally, Urban Electric Networks Ltd creates low-impact charging infrastructure needed for the mass adoption of electric vehicles in urban areas across the world.

This transnational program paves the way for climate-focused, clean energy companies to attract local funding, partnerships and customers. Such programs are critical to the growth of the clean economy and also help to create local jobs in New York City.

The selected businesses will be working virtually with mentors and advisors over a six-month period, preparing to establisha formal presence in the region. A high-profile showcase of UK-based energy innovation will conclude the program in NYC, focusing the attention of local industry stakeholders.

With over a decade of experience supporting cleantech startups, the Urban Future Labs’s track record includes a portfolio of 62 startups that have raised over $670 million in capital since joining the program.

“This is an auspicious moment for a program such as this, aimed at scaling up clean energy and climate tech solutions,” said Pat Sapinsley, managing director of Cleantech initiatives at the Urban Future Lab. “In the U.S., we are certainly on the cusp of a climate carpe diem, with the advent of a new, science-friendly administration and a well-conceived climate plan that is destined to create millions of well-paid jobs, green manufacturing, and a new cleaner and more equitable economy.”

Simon Edmonds, Deputy Executive Chair and Chief Business Officer at Innovate UK added:

“We are really pleased to be working with Urban Future Lab on this program. The race to net-zero is a key priority for Innovate UK in the coming years as well as helping more innovative businesses to seize global opportunities. The companies selected will play a critical role, which is why we are delighted to be supporting them at this stage of their journey.”

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