Let us introduce LabShare

Welcome the Messe Hannover guests to the future of the validation testing market. LabShare is the Airbnb of hardware product validation:

LabShare provides an online marketplace platform that aims to boost the international collaboration of laboratories, manufacturers, and engineering centers focusing on the electronics and mobility industry: automotive, aerospace, railway industry, and consumer goods.

The LabShare platform supports the digital transformation to Industry 4.0 and IoT trends by decreasing sales and procurement costs.

Time to market can be shortened; development validation costs can be optimized.

Through the agile lab sharing ecosystem manufacturers, engineering centers can easily procure the required lab capacity with the best conditions, and laboratories can maximize the utilization of their resources.

Curious? Book a 30 minutes online introduction with our business development managers:

David: https://calendly.com/david_gyenes/labshare-introduction

Norbert: https://calendly.com/norbert-sera/15min

Registered already? You can book quick onboarding support by Bence: https://calendly.com/bence-richter/labshare-onboarding