Why thorough hardware testing is a crucial component for product development?

While it might be tempting for some companies to save money of launching a product before testing it, an undiscovered error can bear serious consequences and way more costs. Take the example of Gigabyte, a hardware company that recently had to exchange its defective products.

Does heavy testing seem like a waste of time? Not after you hear the story of Taiwanese tech giant Gigabyte, which has recently been forced to replace some of its power supply models from the market.

The scandal was further provoked by Gigabyte’s response: the company released a statement implying that these websites tested their products in an inappropriate manner. The attempt to shift the blame on them has done no favors for the otherwise well-renowned tech giant’s reputation. (Hruska, 2021)

Gigabyte was thus forced to return and exchange the defective products, a move that proved to be a way costly logistical hassle. In addition, many customers might have lost trust in the company due to the bad reviews, and a very unfortunate way to handle public relations crisis.

If the power supply models have been subjected to heavy testing before the market launch, this whole issue could have been prevented. But how to make sure your product goes through appropriate testing in the right hands?

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