Remote Laboratories: Advantages & Benefits

Last year, the emergence of Covid posed a new type of challenge for labs, both in terms of safety and efficient operation. In an unexpected turn of events, labs had to prepare for remote operation, a change that many were completely unprepared for. A year on, access to the appropriate technical tools can still provide your lab a competitive edge over late adopters.

What did the testing industry learn from the early days of the pandemic? One thing is for sure: to stay up to date, labs should always be ready for unexpected challenges, such as the need to work remotely. If your employees are required to work on-site while ill, illness can spread, resulting in a ripple effect. On the other hand, if you are unable to perform laboratory tasks off-site, your laboratory might as well shut down due to the lack of data analysis.

Once you manage to run the lab remotely when needed, even the pandemic will not interfere with your efficiency. But how to make sure your processes run smoothly off-site? A LIMS system, for instance, is suitable for storing samples and evaluating data remotely at the same time. Although many labs are unaware of this, most data-focused processes can be managed from home. If the information management system is cloud-based, the data is on a secure server, yet accessible from any device, making it easy to generate reports and analyze product data. With a mobile LIMS application, even fieldwork can be done without physical access to a lab, given that it can enable rapid and reliable sampling, testing, and results.

With the use of cloud-based LIMS, it’s easy to provide a higher degree of flexibility for employees. An important aspect is the possibility to work from multiple geographical locations at the same time: this can increase the capacity of the workers and the number of working hours. Also, fewer workers on-site result in lower maintenance costs for your lab’s infrastructure. But where and how can you access LIMS to reap its benefits?

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