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LabShare is a cloud-based marketplace for resource capacity utilization and scheduling.

We match hardware testing job demands to available resources of equipment.


We are bringing a digitalized sharing economy solution for the hardware testing market that allows testing facilities/ laboratories to sell their available capacity to hardware companies. The solution acts as a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) where testing providers can use the platform to outsource their capacities.




Through the agile lab sharing model, testing laboratories and hardware engineering companies can easily match together to meet the required lab capacity requests, with the best conditions.

We believe that Sharing Platforms will be able to create new business opportunities and more revenues for all company sizes who offer their testing facilities for renting, sharing or even lending. This is where LabShare’s story has begun! We found a huge need to have a cloud-based laboratory information management system linked to an online marketplace for resource capacity utilization and scheduling in the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) market. LabShare matches testing job demands to available resources of equipment to decrease environmental impact (footprint) and decouple future growth from resource restrictions by implementing a circular economy.


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