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Why are we doing what we are doing?
Most of the manufacturers are stuggeling with the obligatory certification and test processes. Finding the right way in product regulatory processes is not easy. New regulations, new product categories, new economical regions are driving new challanges, difficulties, time killing processes for you.

What are we doing?
We are connecting manufacturers with laboratories and with certification companies to accelerate the go-to-market.

How are we doing that?
Providing a key-account service -supported with an online platform- the certification and testing process is made simplier. With decades of experiance of our expert network in product certification we can support you in the project management of the certification process

A one-stop service to:

  • Accelerate market entry
  • Optimize timing and costs
  • Regulatory expert support
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LabShare offers a wide range of solutions for manufacturers and engineering centers to validate and certify products. Labs on the platform are pre-audited by LabShare and rated by other users. If you need a special test or you are a frequent outsourcer, start using LabShare.

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Find your lab based on your preferences: distance - timing - price.
A single test or test sequence?
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Does your product need to comply with multiple legislations?
Do you seek word-wide certifications?
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Expert support

Any questions regarding test planning? Or do you need information about CE, UKCA, FCC, FDA, CCC or another conformity requirement?
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LabShare operates a word-wide ecosystem. Labs, certifiers, lab suppliers, experts and consulting companies can the LabShare ecosystem. Join us without any obligations, Today.

Let new customers find you

Grow your business with new customers world-wide.

Digitalize your network

Do you outsource single or multiple tests? Handle them in one place. Invite your business partner network to your personalized platform.


Cloud-based LIMS system that can ease your daily work: organize equipment, projects, assets and orders in one place.


Industries in focus of LabShare, but not limited to


Energy storage systems, charger systems, power electronics


Environmental simulations, lifetime tests, ECU’s, IP protection, corrosion


EMC, cyber security, 5G and V2X technology testing

Medical devices

Safety tests, biocompatibility, MDR/IVDR requirements related testing


LabShare is working with hundreds of testing laboratories across Europe. We are proud of the community that supports manufacturers to bring their products faster and safe on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your testing or market access service is supported by an online platform. You can Do It Yourself and join the platform, or you can just contact us directly. Using LabShare is very simple. Here we explain more details. Do you have any questions? Click here!



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